Rocking M Retreat,  T​he House Tha​t Love Built

Our Story  of The House That Love Built

You know what they say, when you quit looking, you will find the love of your life.  Well that is how it happened for us, or for me I should say.

I had been single for a long time, 28 yrs. and kissed way too many frogs to ever think that I would find my prince.  I had given up hope of ever finding the lid to my pot, the prince in my fairy tale.  I was too jaded to even believe that I would some day come upon the main character in my happily ever after story.  But I did.

"Mahoney" and I met through my ex sister in law, she and I were married to brothers and needless to say, it was a nightmare not a fairytale.  He worked with her now husband and was at a party at their house.  I was still so damaged, that I wanted no part of this man who seemed to have all the frogs rolled into one giant ball of confusion.

Months went by  of this crazy man harrasing me every time I saw him,  and as time, went on we became friends.  I learned that he was all the good traits out of the frogs, not the bad. He was the knight in shining armor as he demonstrated on our  second date at our friends' New Years Eve wedding when he defended my honor to one of his co workers...who was NOT harrasing me I might add!

We  learned to value each other through those first chapters of our story, we learned to lean on each other through many, many difficult times when it seemed the world wanted to swallow us up. 

Time went on and we got hitched, this picture is one of our engagement pictures.  We moved to the beach, which had always been my dream, and started I  my massage therapy practice there.

When I hit 50, I realized I had accomplished all of my life goals and wasn't sure what the rest of the story would look like going forward. Family situations brought us back to Middle Georgia and then back to North Georgia and left me feeling flat, uninspired and unmotivated.  

My prince told me to take some time off from work (WHAT?? I had worked my entire life , hard work) and think about what I wanted to do going forward.   

One of my dreams had always been to own a bed and breakfast inn but it was a dream I knew I would never be able to fulfill and had pretty much given up on.  As I spent time trying to figure out what it was I wanted for the next chapter, I went back to that dream and started thinking about how  he had moved to the beach for me and was willing to drive 4 hrs one way to work to make that happen, He works a 24 hr shift as a firefighter and is off 48 hrs.  That is what made the drive even possible.   What did I want to be in this next phase in life, what did I want to do, how could I  find a purpose again?  Well it hit me, let's build a cabin in the mountains, where he loves to be, make it a vacation rental cabin that I can manage and do what I wanted but in a place that he would love to come to.  

Out of our love for travel and adventure and each other, came Rocking M Retreat, we had thought about having a brand made for our property that would be for our retirement plan.  That brand would be a rocking chair to signify retirement and our names, McPherson and Mahoney would be a double M for the legs of the chair.  I wanted the cabin to be a retreat for weary souls to come and rest, unwind, and reconnect with their families and friends. A place to get away form the chaos of the city, i.e. ATLANTA!!

We came to visit Murphy, NC while searching for a place to build this retreat.  We fell in love with the small town that was so friendly and welcoming, we ate lunch at Parson's Pub, an Irish pub, which just happened to be identical to the place we had out first date, an Irish pub called Killigans in Kennesaw, GA.  It was fate. 

 We had found that perfect blend of a shorter drive for him, 2 hrs not 4, a safe and happy place.  We found the land to be exactly what we were looking, private but easy to get to, and so we signed the contract on New Years Eve 2018 and on September 2019, we had our first guests!  

While this industry certainly has its challenges, and working with people is not always easy, it has been the best thing we could have ever done!

We knew we didn't want to be absentee owners, we wanted to get involved in the community and get to know our neighbors.  We have found more than a place to do business here, we found a home.  For me, I feel more at home in these Blue Ridge Mountains than any other place I have lived and I have moved ALOT!!!

We welcome our guests and want  you to fall in love with Murphy, NC.  We don't have alot of what the city has, but what we do have is what the best of life is made of! Quality time with family and friends, fresh air and sunshine, great locally owned businesses and restaurant's, and no stress of sitting in traffic for hours on end.  Plenty to explore and experience.  We have learned to Relax, Unwind, and Reconnect.

We look forward to having you visit #TheHouseThatLoveBuilt!  

In awe of life, Brenda