T​he House Tha​t Love Built

Rocking Retreats with......

Brenda McPherson,  Associate Travel Advisor 

Have you ever heard the phrase a rolling stone gathers no moss? 

This fits me to a tee, always looking for adventures near and far with travel as my passion

Becoming a Travel Advisor with Judy Bruce Cruise Planners was a natural progression for me to explore all of my passions and to help others discover their passions for travel too.

 So whether you want to come to Murphy, North Carolina or any place else in the world, I can help you plan the most amazing vacations!

All Inclusive resorts, train, plane, or land  and  water, Here at Cruise Planners we have access to the top vendors and destinations in the world!

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for more information on all different styles of travel you can find and then give me a call to start the process!