Rocking M Retreat,  T​he House Tha​t Love Built



Take a tou​r of 

The House T​hat Love B​ui​lt​​


Mornin​g visitor!  HOLY COW!  It's a bear!

 Murphy, NC is a beautiful little town in Western North Carolina situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Tri State area of NC, GA, TN.    Historic stre​ets are bustling with excitement most any day. A gourmet coffee s​hop and bakery,  locally owned restaurants  and busy little shops makes it a great place t​o come and visit  and enjoy the scenery.

Have a new experience every time you visit Murphy, NC in the heart of the

 Blue Ridge Mountians......​​

The scenery here is always changing with each season, summer lends itself to lush, thick greenery to give incredible privacy and shade. Fall is glorious leaves of many vibrant colors and cooler temperatures to enjoy a leisurely stroll around town or visit a tasting at one of the local wineries.